Our Services

Hearing Test

A basic test to determine if you (or a loved one) can be helped by hearing aids.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Comprehensive diagnostic testing of the auditory (hearing) system. 

Hearing Aid Dispensing

From selection to fitting, we are your one-stop resource for your hearing and communication needs. 

Alternative Hearing Solutions

We offer hearing solutions beyond hearing  aids such as PSAP's (personal sound amplification products), Universal  Fits (one-size-fits-most), and Hearing Assistive Technology. 

Hearing Aid Service & Cleaning

We offer in-house repairs and maintenance of your hearing aids. Did you purchase your hearing aid(s) somewhere else? We are happy to help! Contact us for more information. 

Hearing Loss Prevention & Musician Services

If you work or play in a noisy  environment you need to protect your hearing.  We are here to help with a  variety of customized earplugs and products.